A full list of Tumblr blogs can be found here.


  • Tetrapod Zoology V3: here
  • TetZoo Podcast: here
  • Mark Witton: here
  • Scott Hartman: here
  • SV-POW!: here
  • Laelaps: here
  • Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: here
  • Dave Hone: here
  • here
  • Luis Rey: here
  • DinoGoss (Matt Martyniuk): here
  • Raptormaniacs (Main Blog): here
  • The Bite Stuff (Jaime Headden): here
  • Theropod Database (Mickey Mortimer): here
  • Theropoda (Andrea Cau, in Italian): here
  • The Integrative Palaeontologist (by PLOS): here
  • Jersey Boys Hunt Dinosaurs (Christopher DiPiazza): here
  • Equatorial Minnesota: here
  • Expedition Live (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences): here
  • Dragon Tongues (podcast): here
  • Past Time (podcast): here
  • The Pterosaur Heresies: is a very dangerous place.

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